Volunteer Service Abroad wishes to acknowledge the volunteers and their accompanying partners since 1962. Thank you for your time, knowledge and selfless difference you have made.

If you would like to see a more in-depth list of volunteers you can find one from 1962-1987 in Neville Peat’s Book “The VSA Way”. For more information on the origins of VSA, Keren Clark’s book “The Two-Way Street: A Study of Volunteer Service Abroad”, published by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research, is well worth a read.

Below, we have made our best efforts to capture all volunteer details correctly from our historic and current records, but if you do notice something astray, please get in touch and we can quickly rectify it as we celebration the past and look to a full future of Kiwi’s making a difference. We update this list annually as new volunteers join the whānau.

Volunteers since 1962

A     M Abbot, E Abbott, L Abbott, T Abdul-Rassol, M Abel, C Ablinger, J Abrahams, P Adams, L Adamson, R Adamson, F Adcock, H Adeane, G Adshead, K Adshead, M Aekins, J Affleck, P Agar, P Agarwal, H Ainsworth, J Aitken, J Aitken, M Aitken, T Aitogi, L Akbaba, R Akins, C Akovu, C Alderson, E Aldiss, S Alessi, H W Alexander, K Alexander, S Alexander, S Alexander, R Algar, K Allardice, B Allan, B Allan, J Allan, J Allan, L Allan, W Allan, M Allard, B Allardice, K Allardice, D Allen, D Allen, D Allen, D Allen, D Allen, J Allen, N Allen, R V Allen, A Allison, R Allnatt, V Allum, B Amarasekara, A Amin, B Amun, R Amyes, S Anae, K Andersen, P Andersen, B J Anderson, B Anderson, D Anderson, J Anderson, L Anderson, L Anderson, M Anderson, M Anderson, R Anderson, R Anderson, W Anderson, M Andrew, G Andrew, F Andrews, K Andrews, C Angove, B Angus, J Gregory Anson, M Aranga, K Archer, C Arcus, I Armstrong, K Armstrong, M Armstrong, S Arnold, C Arthur, K Arthurs, S Arulanandam, E Ash, D Ashby, F Ashby, R Asi, N Kumar Are, J Atkinson, G Atkinson, S Atkinson, P August, C Aukafolau, C Aukofolau, M Aumend, J Austen, B Austin, D Austin, J Austin, L Austin, P Austin, W and Christine Austin, J Aveling, M Aveling, B Axelrad.

B     F Baay, M Baer, C Bagnall, B Bailey, E Bailey, R Bailey, G Bain, J Baines, D Baird, K Baird, M Baird, N Baird, A Baker, J Baker, J Baker, K Baker, M Baker, M Baker, P Baker, R Baker, S Baker, T Ballagh, E Balogh, J Banfield, G Banks, C Barber, J Barber, R Barclay, M Bare, S Bar-Even, A A Barker, C Barnes, L Barnett, S Barnett, N Barr, S Barr, J Barraclough, O Barrett, P Barry, M Barsdell, C Bartlett, A Bartley, A Barton, L Bartlett, P Barton, A McMillan Bartrum, M Basher, S Bason, J Batson, L Batten, T Battisti, M Batty, G Baumgart, D Bax, F Baxter, A Bayer, B Bayley, M Baynes, M Beach, R & C Beach, K Beal, K Beatson, P Beaumont, E M Beazley, M Beazley, B Beck, S Beckett, D Becroft, G Bedford, W Bedford, P Bedggood, C Bedhesi, W John Beech, M Beehre, G Begbie, B Begley, P Beilby, J Belcher, R Bell, A Bellingham, J Bellingham, N Bellingham, P Bellingham, M Benbow, I Bennet, J Bennet, J Bennett, K Bennett, N Bennett, S Bennett, J Bennie, L Bennie, B Bennison, J Bensemann, A Benson, C Benson, O Benton-Guy, L Bergen, C Bergin, S Berkland, E Berridge, G Berry, J Best, P Beumelburg, A Bevin, S Bevin, F Bierens, K Bilbe, B Binding, A Bingham, R Binning, T Binning, T Birch, A Bird, K Bird, L Joseph Bird, J Bishop, L Bjarnesen, R Bjerring, M Black, T Black, M Blake, M Blake, S Blakiston, J Blanch, K Blanchfield, K Bland, M Bland, P Blaschke, B Blencowe, P Blinkhorne, T Bliss, F Blom, P Blomfield, C Blomkamp, A Bloom, S Bloomberg, R Bloomfield, G Blount, N Bloxham, K Bogue, J Boixo, E Bolitho, M Bollen, S Bolli Fawdray, L Bolton, I Bonney, G Boon, K Borlase, J Borrell, M Borrell, D Boskett, B Botha, G Botha, L Boulton, A Bourke, D Bovill, J Bowden, W and Jo Bowden, A Bowis, J Bowis, J Bowler, G Bowler, G Bowler, S Bowler, V Bowler, B Bowles, A Bowmar, J Boyack, J Boyack, G Boyce, M Boyd, T Boyd, H Boyes, R Boyle, A Bradbury, R Bradley, K Bradlow, Z Bradwell, R Brake, L Brannigan, D Brasted, A Bray, C Bray, T Bray, S J Bree, D Breese, K Brett, W (Bill) Brett, C Brewer, F Brewer, I Brewer, M Brewer, C Briasco, D Brickwell, D Brickwell, J & Anne Brier, S Brighouse, E Brindle, A Brinkmann, D Brinkmann, L Bristowe, M Brittain, F Brixey, J Broadbent, M Brodie, K Bronnimann, D Brookes, D Brook-Miller, J Brooks, V Brooks, J Broomhall, M Brosnahan, N Brosnahan, T Brosnan, G Broughton, T Broughton, C Brown, E Brown, H Brown, J Brown, M Brown, M Brown, M Brown, M J Brown, M Brown, N Brown, P Brown, P Brown, R Brown, R Brown, R Brown, T Brown, A Browne, J Browne, N Browne, P Browne, P Brownlie, G Bruijl, J Brunsden, M Brunton, W Brunton, M Brusse, K Bryan, J Bubb, A Buchanan, D Buchanan, D Buckley, K Buess, J Buffey, C Bullard, M Bullard, S Bullen, N Bullivant, A Bulman, L Bulmer, R James Bungard, C Burdon, P Burdon, B Burgess, D Burgess, R Burgess, C Burgin, L Burke, B Burnett, K Burnett, R Burnett, K Burry, K Burt, I Burtenshaw, C Burton, R Burton, G Busch, S Butcher, D Butturini, D Byrne.

C     A Cains, D Caird, A Cairns, I Cairns, B Calcinai, K Calcinai, S Calcinai, B Calkin, J Callanan, N Callander, S Calman, B Calvert, C Calvert, E Calvert, O Calvert, C Cameron, E Cameron, M Cameron, M Cameron, V Cammell, A Campbell, C Campbell, F Campbell, J Campbell, J Campbell, J Campbell, N Campbell, P Campbell, R Campbell, S Campbell, J Candy, N Cane, A Canning, G Cant, S Cant, A Canton, M Cantwell, D Cao, S Carey-Smith, A Carr, D Carle, E Carle, J Carlyle, A Carr, J Carr, P Carr, R Carr, S Carr, T Carrington, S Carter, B Jeronimo, J Casey, L Cash, C Cassells, D Catchpole, J Catchpole, M Cavanagh, D & S Cawood, N Cayzer, B Chadderton, G Chadderton, J Chambers, M Chambers, V Chamberman Chambers, E Chandler, J Chaney, J Chapman, S Charlick, P Charteris, S Charteris, T Chauvel, A Child, M Child, G Chin, G Chisholm, H M Chisnall, J Chrisp, G Christensen, N Christensen, A Christie, B Christie, C Christie, J Christie, C Chung, M Chung, A Church, L Clancy, B Clark, B Clark, B Clark, D Francis Clark, E Clark, G Clark, G K Clark, R Clark, V Clark, C Clarke, E Clarke, J Clarke, K Clarke, P Clarke, R Clarke, J Clayton, J Clearwater, L Cleary, F Cleland, K Cleland, S Clemence, D Clemens, I Clement, J Clemo, R Clifton, R Coates, K Coe, P Coenradi, B Coffey, G Coffin, S Cointet, M Cole, M Cole, R Cole-Baker, R Coleman, J Collie, A Collins, A Collins, D Collins, E Collins, J Collins, M Collins, N Colmar, P Colquhoun, D Colson, G Colson, P Colville, P Colville, S Colyer, P Combs, R Connor, G Constable, H Constable, A Constanza, J Conway, M Cook, P Cook, M Cooke, C Coombe, D Coombe, R Coombe, G Coombes, C Cooney, G F Cooper, P Cooper, R Cooper, D Coppinger, A Corbett, B Corbett, R Corbett, D Corcoran, G Corcoran, B Corin, R Cormack, E Corrigan, S Corston, P Cosgrove, R Cotter, T Couch, H Coulter, O Coup, C Courtis, J Couston, F Coutts, A Coventry, R Coventry, C Cowan, I Cowan, L Cowan, S Cowan, R Cowell, J Cowie, W Cowley, A Cox, M Cox, S Cox, F Cox-Wright, N Coyne, G Cozens, K Cragg, D Cramp, J Crane, D Cranko, A Crawford, R Crawford, P Creevey, D Cresswell, M Cresswell, P Cresswell, G Crichton, G Croad, B Crockett, E Crockett, A Crofskey, A Crofskey, S Crone, J Cronin, M Cronin, R Crooks, K Croom, T Crossen, E Crouch, V Crouch, J Crowe, J Cruickshank, D Crumpton, J Cruz, J Cruz, P Cubey, A Cubitt, P Cullen, D Culloty, C Cullum, T Cumming, L Cunningham, M Cunningham, J Cupples, K Curran, K Currie, H Curtis, R Cusack, K Cushing, E Cuttfield, M Cygan.

D     J da Costa Soares, L da Silva, P Dacre, S Dahanayake, J Daley, M Dalgety,D Dally, S Dally, M Dalton, P Dalton, G Daniel, L Daniel, G Dark, M Das Roy, P Dasler, A Daun, H Davey, J Davey, J Davidge, K Davidson, L Davidson, R Davidson, T Davidson, C Davies, I & V Davies, J Davies, L Davies, S Davies, V Davies, R Davis, S Davis, D Davison, E Davison, N Davison, A Dawson, B Dawson, D Dawson, J Dawson, K Dawson, L Dawson, M Dawson, J Day, R Day, B Daysh, J Daysh, F De Beer, J De Beer, A De Bres, M De Long, L De La Torre, C De Leeuw, D de Silva, J de Vocht, J de Waal, C Deadman, R Deck, V Degerman, E Degremont, A Dekrout, C Delaney, J Delany, E Denham, P Dennehy, D Denney, H Denney, N Derby, M Derrick, A Des Landes, M Des Landes, R Desmond, M Devey, G Devlin, P Dey, P Dey, C Dickey, C Dickie, A Dickson, M Dickson, M Diffey, E Dixon, R Dixon, G Dobbe, R Dobbs, S Dobree, K Dobson, G Dockery, L Dodds, M Dodds, E Doig, P Dolby, S Donald, L Donaldson, C Donnelly, M Donnelly, R Donovan, R Donovan, K Dorofaeff, B Dougan, C & G Douglas, R Douglas, C Dowling, M Dowling, E Dowman, J Dowman, G Dowson, S Dowson, S Drager, A Drain, J Drake, M Drake, S Draper, P Dreaver, M Drury, L Dryden, Z D'Sousa, F D'Souza, A K Du Fresne, L Duggan, K Duignan, J Dunbar, H Duncan, K Duncan, M Duncan, S Duncan, J Dunckley, T Dunn, B Dunnet, B Dunning, M Durling, D Durning, B Duthie, V Duthie, M Dwyer, T Dwyer, C Dyer, D Dyer.

E     R Eades, I Eadie, M Eales, A Early, R Early, D Eastmond, M Ebrey, M Eckford, D Eddowes, M Eddowes, D Edgar, G Edgar, M Edginton, B Edwards, D Edwards, D Edwards, D Edwards, E Edwards, P Edwards, S Edwards, W Edwards, D Efraemson, F Egan, H Egan, H Egan, S Egden, N Ehambaranathan, D Elder, E Elder, I Elder, C Eligius, J Ellerby-Mutu, J Elliott, T Elliott, S Ellis, L Ellmers, G Elshaw, L Emanuel, S Endemann, M English, G Ennor, A Enoka, K Enoka, M Enright, P Enticott, R Erikson, D Ernest, L Errol, P Esmaquel, C Esther, K Etana, P Ettema, A Evans, B Evans, G Evans, J Evans, R Evans, W Evans, P Evetts, O Eyles.

F     V Fairclough, J Faisandier, C Falloon, G Falloon, L Familton, J Fantl, N Farquhar, E Fassler, R Faulding, I Fautua, M Feasey, W Feasey, C Feeney, H Fegan, R Fegan, A Feldmeier, S Felix, M Fenn, T Fenton, C Fenwick, R M Fenwick, J Fergus, C Ferguson, J Ferguson, M Ferguson, M Ferguson, R Ferguson, V Fergusson, M Fidler, C A Field, E Field, G Field, J Field, M J Field, G Findlater, J A Findlay, J D Findlay, M M Findlay, O Findlay-Badham, N First, C Firth, R Firth, F Fischer, D Fisher, S Fisher, J Fitzgerald, M Fitzgerald, A Fitzgibbon, P Fitzgibbon, M Fitzsimons, C Flannery, F Flavall, J Flavall, S Flavall, B Flay, J Fleming, P Fleming, T Fletcher, S Flink, M Flynn, J Foden, W Fogg, R Fookes, C Forbes, T Fordyce, H Forrester-Brown, F Forsey, B Forster, V Forster, K Forsyth, J Fortune, J Foster, C Fouhy, D Fouhy, M Fowler, R Fowler, G Fowles, N Fowlie, N Fowlie, S Fowlie, A Fox, J Fox, R Francis, J Franklin, P Franklin, P Franklins, S Fraser, I Frayling, M Frayling, S Frecklington, B Fredric, S Freed, R French, R French, S French, A Freshwater, C Frey, W Frey, M Frith, J Frizelle, J Frost, T Frost, M Fry, K Fuemana, J Fugler, J Fukofuka, J Fuller, J Fulwood, J Furness, R Fussell, A Fyfe.

G     D Gallagher, K Galo, J Gambirazzi, C Gamst, M Gardener, K Gardiner, M Gardiner, L Gardner, C Garnett, A Garratt, E Garrett, J Garrett, K Garrett, M Garrood, J Gartner, M Garson, C Gaskin, C Gates, G Gates, M Gates, A Gaitland, T Gatland, L Gault, J Gawith, J Gayton, G Gear, P Gearing, M G Nichol, K George, N George, V Gepp, M Geraets, Y Geraets, M Gibb, P Gibbons, G Gibbs, P Gibbs, P Gibbs, P Gibbs, D Gibson, F Gibson, F Gibson, S E Gibson, T Gibson, T Gibson, H Gilbert, M Gilbert, R Giles, B Gilkison, H Gill, T Gillman, M Gimblett, A Gimson, C Gingles, D Glazebrook, J Gleeson, M Gleeson, D Glenny, P Glensor, A Glover, D Gnatzy, S Gnatzy, M Godsiff, D Gold, T Goldie, S Goldson, D Gooch, H Goodsir, A Gordon, A Gordon, E Gordon, J Gordon, R Gordon, R Gordon, C Gore, P Gorman, P Gorman, Y Gould, D Goulter, E Govers, J Grace, D Graham, G Graham, S Graham, A Grant, A Grant, C Grant, J Grant, K Grant, H Gratten, M Gratten, A Gravatt, A Gray, N Gray, S Gray, C Gray-Iro, A Green, B Green, B Green, B Green, C Green, F Green, R Green, A Greenaway, S Greene, J Greenhalgh, J Greenhough, J Greenland, C Greensill, A Greenwood, H Greenwood, L Gregory, P Gregory, P Gregory, V Gregory, M Gresham, S Grevatt, R Gribble, B Griffin, L Griffin, R Griffin, W Griffin, V Griffith-Jones, C Griffiths, J Groom, G Groombridge, L Groote, A Gross, A Grumball, B Gruschow, K Guda, Y Gueho, T Guiney, L Gully, F Guterres, L Guterres, T Guterres, C Guthrie-Oehlinger, J Guy, J Guy, S Guy, K Gwaliasi, K Gwatkin, A Gwilliam, B Gwilliam, B & A Gwilliam, S Gwynn.

H     J Haan, D Hadden, L Hadden, G Hadlee, P Hague, L Haigh, S Haigh, R Hains, B Hale, S Hales, K Halkett, L Halkett, A Halkyard, D Hall, I Hall, J Hall, M Hall, R Hall, C Hallagan, C Halloumis, G Halsall, M Hambridge-Johnson, D Hambrook, K Hambrook, M Hamilton, P W Hamilton, T Hamilton, V Hamilton, R Hamilton-Gibbs, K Hammond, L Hammond, J Hammonds, M Hammonds, D Hancock, M Hancock, L Handley, R Hands, N Hannan, W Hansen, C Hanson-Friend, J Hanton, R Harcourt, M Hardcastle, B Hardie, D Hardie, W Hardie, G Taylor Harding, M Hards, C Hare, M Hare, A Harker, T Harker, S Harlen, O Harmsen, K Harnett, L Harnett, A Harper, J Harper, L Harrington, S Harrington, C Harris, C Harris, J Harris, M Harris, R Harris, S Harris, T Harris, A Harrison, L Harrison, L Harrison, R Harrison, R Harrison, S Harrison, T Harrison, D Hart, L Hart, P Hart, V Hart, C Hartley, L Hartley, N Hartley, C Hartnett, J Hartstone, A Harvey, E Harvey, M Harvey, J Harvie, I Hatton, J Hatton, V Hatton, K Haughey, P Haughey, C Haughton, S Havea, I Hawes, W Hawkeswood, A Hawkins, M Hawkins, C Hawley, I Hay, M Hay, N Hay, A Hayman, L Hayne, L Haynes, T Haynes, R Headifen, R Headifen, M Heads, I Heard, N Heard, P Heard, M Heasley, D Heays, J Heberley, P Heenan, J Hemingway, D Henare, F Henderson, J Henman, R Henman, K Henry, K Henry, V Henry, J Henson, G Hepburn, G Herbison, J Herd, B Hermann, F Hermann, J Hermann, N Herron, J Hess, M Hetaraka, C Heuseveldt, J Heuseveldt, K Hewetson, V Hewson, J Heyes, P Hibben, S Hibberd, M Hibbert-Foy, A Hick, L Hicks, S Hickson, B Hickson Rowden, B Higgie, D Higgins, A Hilder, M Hill, K Hindle, A Hindmarsh, H Hinkley, S Hinkley, L Hirsh, M Hitchcock, R Hitchmough, J Hodgen, A Hodson, I Hogan, J Hogg, R Hogg, R Hogg, M Holdsworth, H Hole, R Hollebon, H Hollings, M Hollings, P Hollings, L Hollister-Jones, S Holloway, A Holmes, P Holmes, M Holt, J Honey, M Honey, R Honey, A Honeyfield, E Honiss, A Hood, J Hood, C Hooper, S Hopkins, C Hore, A Hornblow, R Hornblow, T Horne, M Hornsey, A Horrell, J Horrox, D Hosking, R Hosking, F Hoskins, R Houlbrook, K Howden, R Howden, K Howson, R Hoyle, R Huber, S Huber, D Huddle, I Huddleston, B Hughes, B Hughes, G Hughes, J Hughey, A Huguet, M Hull, C Hulse, L Humm, E Humphries, G Hunt, B Hunter, D Hunter, S Hunter, L Hurst, J Hutchings, R Hutchison, T Hutton-Baas, I Huygens, M Huygens, L Hyde.

I     P Iafeta, B Ilg, K Impey, R Inch, C Inggs, C Ingram, A Inocencio, E Ioane, A Ioroi, H Ireland, M Ireland, S Ireland, J Ironside, H Iseli, J Iseli, B Isichei, K Isler, M Isles, P Ison, S Iuli.

J     M Jack, R Jack, M B Jacka, P Jackman, B Jackson, J Jackson, K Jackson, J Jacobs, K Jacobs, M Jacques, C Jaeger, J Jaffray, G James, J James, S James, S James, J Jameson, P Jameson, A Jamieson, T Jamieson, N Jansen, J Janson, F Jansonius, N Jaques, M Jaray, J Jeans, R Jebson, A Jefferd, C Jenkin, F Jenkins, S Jenkins, A Jennings, M Jennings, S Jennings, C Jenyns, H Jerram, J Jerram, B Joblin, A Johnson, B Johnson, B Johnson, C Johnson, D Johnston, L Johnson, P Johnson, S Johnson, A Johnston, J Johnston, J Johnston, J Johnston, J Johnstone, J Johnston, M Johnston, R Johnstone, R Johnstone, R Joiner, A Jones, B Jones, C Jones, D Jones, D Jones, D Jones, E Jones, E Jones, J Jones, J Jones, M Jones, N Jones, S Jones, T Jones, W Jones, B Jordan, C Jordan, H Jossi, L Joyce, R Judge, R Judge, S Judson, R Julian, I Jung, R Jury.

K     R Kaa, D Kadhim, N Kalafatelis, B Kane, S Kane, K Kan-Shaw, J Karalus, P Karalus, H Kashkari, C Katene, S Katene, R Kavermann, A Kearney, M Kearney, J Kearns, T Kearse, M Kebble, J Keelan, H Keeling, S Keeling, M Keenan, W Keenan, R G Keene, D Kelly, M Kelly, S Kelly, S Kelly, S Kelsey, G Kemble, H Kemp, P Kemp, E Kendall-Carpenter, G Kendrick, D Kennedy, L A Kennedy, J Kenning, J Kennington, J Kensey, C Kenyon, K Kenyon, K Keown, A Kerner, L Kerr, L Kerr, A Kerse, A Kidd, F Kiddle, J Kilbey, A Kilgour, M Kilgour, K Killorn, D Young Kim, M Kindred, B King, C King, D King, G King, G King, J King, N King, S King, S King, S King, Y King, B Kingan, H Kingshott, N Kingshott, B Kinnear, A Kirk, M E Kirk, A Kirkpatrick, C Kirtlan, M Kliskey, J Klootwyk, M A Knappstein, B Knight, S Knight-Lenihan, G Knighton, S Knowles, M Koch, M Kolegue, J Kramer, J Krefft, M Krieger, P Kroumova, P M Kubukeli, J Kumar, N Kynaston, S Kynaston, K Kynoch.

L     T Lacey, F Lafferty-Hancock, B Lagan, S Laing, S Lake, D Lam, R Lamb, T Lambdon, J Lambe, A Lambert, C Lambert, M Lambie, S Lambie, S Lamborn, H Lan, S Lancaster, A Lane, A Lang, B Lang, H Lang, J Lang, S Lang, C Langford, J Langford, A Langthaller, T Lapham, P Larsen, N Latty, M Laube, D Laulala, B Laurence, S Lauvi-Anae, C Law, B Lawn, Y Lawn, H Lawrence, P Lawrence, R Lawrence, S Lawrence, H Lawry, J Lawry, C Lay, B Laybourn, R Laybourn, B Layton, R Le Feuvre, R Le Mesurier, J Leahy, N Leakey, C Leask, J Leathem, P Leathem, C Leather, G Leather, C Lee, C Lee, J Lee, L Lee, L Lee, P Lee, W Lee, J Leef, T Leef, P L Lees, H Lehr, H Leigh, I Lelie, M Lelieveld, J Lemberg, M Leniston, J Lentfer, J Lenting, D Leonard, E Leslie, J Leslie, M Levers, B Levick, G Levick, M Levy, J Lewis, J Lewis, J Lewis, K Lewis, N Lewis, R Lewis, S Lewis, S Lewis-Smith, P Lewthwaite, W Lewthwaite, Z Leyland, M Lim, C Lincoln, J Lindsay, S Lindsay, A Linnell, J Linnell, C Linwood, C Liousse, N Liversage, C Livesey, L Livesey, S Livirya, D Llewell, C Lloyd, E Lloyd, I Lloyd, M Lloyd, M Lloyd, T Lloyd, I Lockie, G Loftus, O Loftus, S Long, B Longman, P Lousley, S Loveday, A Lovegrove, G Lovegrove, L Lovegrove, T Lovell, A Lovelock, D Lowe, P Lowe, R Lowe, I Lucas, B Luckman, P Lusk, J Luttrell, P Lysaght, Y Ly, G Lynch, M Lynch, K Lyons, M Lyons.

M     A Mabin, J MacAlister, G MacAndrew, S MacAskill, A Macbeth, D MacDiarmid, A James , MacDonald, E MacDonald, G MacDonald, V MacDonald, B Macfarlane, C MacFarlane, J MacFarlane, A MacGibbon, J MacGregor, H Mackay, R MacKay, M MacKenzie, S MacKenzie, R Mackenzie-White, G Mackie, J Macky, J MacLean, J MacLean, L MacLean, M MacLean, M MacLean, S MacLean, S MacLean, C Macleod, A MacManus, J MacManus, B MacPherson, C Macpherson, P Maddock, C Madigan, D Mafi, M Mafi, S Mafile'O, D Maguire, H Maguire, M Maguire, M Mahony, G Mahowa, M Maiava, S Maiava, J Maidment, M Main, P Maitland, D Major, S Maling, M Maloney, M Malpas, J Malthus, M Malthus, M Manaton, N Mancer, N Mangnall, L Manning, N Manning, L Manoa, C Manson, R March, S Marchant, H Marieskind, S Mark, B Markham, C Markwell, C Markwell, G Marris, J Marsh, R Marsh, B Marshall, D Marshall, M Marshall, M Marshall, N Marshall, P Marshall, P Marshall, S Marshall, S Marshall, S Marsters, A Martin, D Martin, G Martin, J Martin, J Martin, J Martin, K Martin, M Martin, P Martin, T Martin, P Martyn, G Marx, Phyl Marx, E Mason, G Masters, J Masters, M Masters, P Mather, J Mathers, D Matravers-Rock, C Matthew, M Matthews, P Matthews-Mead, H Mavoa, K Mawson, T May, A Mazengarb, J McAra, J McAra, M McArthur, P McArthur, D McAtamney, S McBride, A McCabe, J McCaffery, R McCallum, W McCallum, G McCardle, A McCarthy, D McCarthy, I McCarthy, K McCarthy, K McCarthy, W McCarthy, S McCashin, B McCauslin, K McClea, R McClelland, J McConnell, F McCook, A McCosh, H McCoy, J McCreary, A McCrossin, C McCusker, A McDermott, F McDonald, T McDonnell, C McEwen, A McFarlane, I McGill, G McGinley, S McGinley, E McGlone, B McGowan, V McGowan, P McGrath, L McGregor, E McGuire, A McGurk, A McIlroy, J McIlwraith, G McIlwrick, J McIlwrick, B McInally, K McIntosh, M McIntosh, K McIntyre, S McIntyre, F McKay, J McKay, K McKay, P McKay, J McKeefry, B McKenzie, D McKenzie, J McKenzie, K McKenzie, M McKenzie, P McKenzie, T Stanton McKinlay, D McKinnon, J McKinnon, T McKnight, L McLachlan, S McLachlan, M McLaren, R McLaren, L McLaughlan, F McLaughlin, J McLay, A McLean, C McLean, E McLean, J McLellan, M McLellan, M McLennan, A McLeod, C McLeod, R McLeod, D McLernon, C McMillan, K McMillan, M McMorrow, T McMurray, A McNeil, J McNeil, N McNeil, H McNeill, B McPherson, J McPhillips, M McPhillips, P McQuarrie, M McRae, P McRae, S McRae, C Meade, L Meads, M Meanata, K Mee, C Meech, S Mehrtens, B Meier, R Meier, N Meikle, A Mejia-Restrepo, K Melville, C Menlove, D Messiter, B Mele Mesui, C Metcalfe, R Metzger, S Michell, P Mickleson, J Middlemiss, P Middlemiss, R Middleton, B Millar, D Millar, H Millar, J Millar, A Miller, D Miller, N Miller, R Miller, J Milligan, R Millington, J Mills, M Mills, M Mills, W Mills, A Milne, B Milne, I Milne, J Milne, J Milne, T Milner, R Milroy, T Minett, B Minson, V Mishra, A Mitchell, B Mitchell, D Mitchell, G Mitchell, H Mitchell, J Mitchell, N Mitchell, J Mitikulena, J Moala, D Moffat, D Moffat, F Moffat, M Mohi, P Moir, S Molloy, P Monahan, B Monk, R Monk, M Monti, M Mooney, A Moore, B Moore, C Moore, C Moore, J Moore, R Moore, T Moore, F Moorfield, M Morales de Silva, D Moran, M Moran, X Morel, A Morgan, D Morgan, E Morgan, R Morgan, R Morgan, M Morganti, T Morine, F Morris, K Morrison, M Morrison, P Morrison, T Morrison, E Mortland, J Morton, T Morton, M Morwood, J Moses, J Mote, J Mote, J Mowat, V Moxey, D Moxon, A Moynagh, D Moynagh, N Mpondo, A Muir, R Muirhead, S Mulcahy, A Mules, C Mullard, L Muller, B Mulligan, M Mulligan, K Mulvey, P Munro, S Murdoch, P Murgatroyd, R Muriel, D Murphy, E Murray, J Murray, T Murray, J Murtagh, B Mutton, A Mutu, J Myers.

N     M Nagy, Y Nahak, A Naidu, J Nairn, S Nairn, K Naish, K Nalder, L Nambi, A Nanai, W Nash, J Nation, J Neale, J Neave, M Neave, C Nelson, K Nelson, J Neumann, L Newlands, P Newsham, R Newson, B Newton, H Newton, J Newton, K Ngata, S Ngatokorua , K Nichol, M Nicholls, S Nicholls, B Nichols, C Nicholson, B Nicol, N Nicoll, D Niethammer, S Nightingale, A Nikoloff, C Nikoloff, I Nimmo, J Niven, R Niven, R Nixon, S Noble, N Noguer Blue, S Norling, A Norman, J Norton, H Nugteren, J Nunns, A Nurse, E Nurse, J Nye.

O     R Oakley, W Oakley, R Obee, D O'Brien, G O'Brien, A O'Connor, H O'Connor, J O'Connor, L O'Connor, S O'Connor,  S O'Connor M O'Dea, S O'Dea, M O'Donnell, P O'Donnell, T O'Donovan, A J Ogle, R J Ogle, C O'Gorman, E O'Hara, S O'Hara, C Oldfield, M Oldfield, D O'Leary, M Oliver, N Olsder, D Olsen, M Olsen, B O'Neale, P O'Neil, E O'Neill, L O'Neill, D Oorjitham, M O'Reilly, A Ormond, G Ormond, J Orr, P Orr, S Orr, W Osborne, P O'Shea, W Osten, A O'Sullivan, C O'Sullivan, E O'Sullivan, S O'Toole, G Oudes, F Oudshoorn, N Owen, O Owen, S Oxenham, E Oyston.

P     B Packard, W Packard, D Paderes, M Padfield, M Pahuru Fakatonufoe, K Paisley, G Eneli Pakau, A Palframan, A Palmer, D Palmer, G Palmer, J Palmer, K Palmer, K Palmer, M Palmer, M Clare Palmer, A Pankhurst, K Panckhurst, F Pang, R Pardy, C Pardy-Comber, T Park, R Parker, R Parker, E Parry, N Patel, D Paterson, M Paterson, R Paterson, R Paterson, A Paton, R Paton, I Patrick, A Patterson, C Patterson, H Patterson, L Patterson, C Pattison, N Pattison, R Patuwai, G Paul, J Paul, L Paul, T Paul, D Paulin, R Paulin, H Payne, K Payne, L Peach, J Peake, B Pearce, C Pearce, E Pearce, A Peareth (Reed), B Pearson, D Pearson, K Pearson, T Pearson, N Peat, N Pedley, M Pegden, C Pemberton, R Pemberton, M Pendergrast, A Pene, J Pene, M Penfold, A Penney, J Penny, P Penny, P Penny, G Pentinga, J Penwell, A Percy, A Percy, A Pereira Fernandes, A Perera, K Perera, M Perkins, D Perrett, H Perry, R Perry, N Perumbuli Arachchige, H Petelo, S Petelo, M Peters, R Peters, J Peterson, P Petherbridge, M Petrie, D Petrie-Deely, M Pettigrew, R Pettigrew, S Philips, C Phillips, M Phillips, J Pike, M Pilbrow, L Pilton, B Pitoyo, J Mary Pinder, C Pinel, D Pipe, J Pirie, B Pitts-Brown, J Pitts-Brown, A Plummer, P Plummer, R Plummer, S Plummer, B Pocock, I Pogson, L Pogson, R Pollock, S Pollock, R Polson, B Ponter, E Ponter, V Poole, R Poor, J Pope, S Pope, R Poppe, G Popplestone, S Port, F Porter, G Porter, K Porter, R Porter, A Postles, B Potter, B Potter, M Potts, A Poulter, M Powell, T Powell, M Power, D Powley, I Powley, P Powley, A Pratt, M Pratt, H Prescott, M Prescott, M Preston, J Price, S Price, R Prickett, R Priest, L Pritchard, S Proctor, A Pugh, W Pullar, H Purcell, J Purnell, A Purton, A Purves, N Putman, J Putt, V Pycroft.

Q     C Quested, R Quick, H Quigan, D Quigley, M Quigley, K Quinlivan, G Quinn, L Quinn, L Quinn, P Quinn.

R     W Radford, I Rae, J Rahui, P Raine, B Rainier, L Ralph, C Ramsay, T Ramsay, F Ranford, B Rangitaawa, J Rankin, M Rankin, P Rankin, P Ransley, S Rapson, W Rathgen, A Raven, A Ravendran, S Rawles, D Rawlings, S Ray, C Raymond, K Rayner, T Rea, D Read, S Read, A Reader, M Rechenbert, D Redman, A Reece, A Reed, D Reed, J Reed, G Rees, C Reeve, D Reeve, C Regnier, A Reid, H Reid, J Reid, T Reid, H Reith, C Reller, I Rennie, K Rennie, M Reupena, A Rewcastle, C Reymer, A Reynolds, G Reynolds, H Reynolds, M Riach, J Rice, A Richards, B Richards, F Richards, J Richards, K Richards, M Richards, V Richards, E Richardson, G Richardson, L Richardson, L Richdale, R Rickard, M Rickman, R Rickman, D Riddell, K Riddell, N Riddell, C Ridden, N Riddick, J Riddle, H Ridley, L Rigby, J Riggir, A Riley, B Riley, C Riley, L Riley, E Rine, I Ritchie, M Ritchie, M Roach, H Robbins, C Roberts, G Roberts, H Roberts, K Roberts, L Roberts, L Roberts, R Roberts, V Roberts, B Robertson, D Robertson, J Robertson, L Robertson, L Robertson, M Robertson, N Robertson, P Robertson, R Robertson, T Robertson, B Robinson, B Robinson, G Robinson, J Robinson, P Robinson, P Robinson, R Robinson, T Robinson, V Robinson, A Roble, R Robyns, D Rockell, S Rockett, C Rodrigues Sales, W Roger, J Rogers, M Rogers, M Rohs, E Rolfe, K Rolfe, D Romanos, W Roodhouse-Hill, D Roper, A Ropiha, G Rose, P Rose, H Rosevear, T Rosolowski, A Ross, C Ross, G Ross, S Ross, J Rothera, M Rouse, J Rout, J Rowan, L Rowarth, B Rowe, R Rowe, F Rowse, F Rowson, R Roxburgh, L Roy, P Roy, S Roy, E Rudd, A Rushton-Allan, D Russell, G Russell, J Russell, M Russell, R Russell, S Russell, P Ruthe, S Ruthe, G Rutherford, K Rutherford, S Rutherford, J Rutledge, N Rutter, B Ryan, G Ryan, G Ryan, G Ryan, J Ryan, K Ryan, M Ryan, M Ryan, P Ryan, S Ryan.

S     F Sablerolle, J Sai Louie, J Salas, D Sales, C Salmon, G Salter, R Salunga, J Samuels, N Sandbrook, C Sanders, C Sanders, H Sanders, J Sanders, M Sanson, A Santure, W Santure, P Sapsford, E Sassenburg, B Satherley, N Satjipanon, N Satkunarajah, J Saunders, G Savage, A Saxton, E Scarlett, S Scheele, R Schimpf, J Schindler, P Schindler, S Schindler, C Schmidli, K Schmidli, J Schmidt, R Schoeman, A Schofield, A Schofield, R Scholes, P Schon, G Schultz, J Schultz, M Schumacher-Hagen, A Schwarz, C Scott, G Scott, J Scott, J Scott, K Scott, L Scott, O Scott, S Scott, T Scott, T Scott, V Scott, J Scott-Hansen, M Scotts, P Scriven, R Selwyn, K Sem, G Seon, G Severinsen, D Shackleton, S Shand, A Shanks, P Shanks, R Shanks, K Sharam, D Sharkey, D Sharpe, P Sharples, C Shaw, C Shearer, R Shearer, H Sheaves, R Shelton, L Shen, M Sheppard, M Sheppard, R Sheridan, J Sherriff, F Sherson, B Shields, G Shields, D Shirley, G Short, M Short, R Shortall, C Silcock, G Silvester, P Silvester, R Sim, A Simmons, E Simmons, N Simmons, R Simmons, J Simoes, C Simpson, G Simpson, K Simpson, L Simpson, T Simpson, M Sinclair, S Sinclair, T Singh, G Singh, J Singleton, D Sinnott, B Skarsholt, R Skeates, J Skinner, N Skipper, P Skov, B Skudder, S Skuse, D Slater, J Slater, M Sloan, I Small, C Smart, C Smart, C Smart, C Smart, G J Smart, G Smart, L Smiley, A Smith, A Smith, B Smith, B Smith, B Smith, C Smith, C Smith, D Smith, D Smith, E Smith, F Smith, G Smith, G Smith, H Smith, H Smith, H Smith, J Smith, L Smith, M Smith, M Smith, M Smith, M Smith, M Smith, N Smith, P Smith, P Smith, P Smith, P Smith, P Smith, R Smith, R Smith, S Smith, S Smith, S Smith, W Smith, D Smithers, H Smyth, C Smythe, K Smythe, O Soares, M Solomon, S Somervell, H Somerville, P Somerville, S Somerville, T Somerville, P Sommerville, S Sood, C Soole, S Soole, A Sorensen, F Sotheran, S Sotheran, F Southall, L Southon, R Spark, V Spanton, M Spenceley, J Spencer, J Spencer, B Spooner, S Spooner, L Spurdle, G Srhoj, D St George, R St George, G Stanley, J Stanley, E Stannard, R Stanton, J Stanway, A Star, M Stark, E Steel, E Stephens, J Stephens, J Stephens, S Stephens, J Steven, M Steven, A Stevens, A Stevens, J Stevens, K Stevens, R Stevens, B Stevenson, G Stevenson, M Stevenson, M Stevenson, P Stevenson, C Stewart, C Stewart, F Stewart, J Stewart, K Stewart, M Stewart, R Stewart, C Steynberg, M Stirnemann, T Stirnemann, A Stoakes, K Stobbs, V Stocker, K Stockwell, J Stokes, N Stokes, B Stormont, H P Stott, S Stow, J Stowers, J Strachan, G Strang, G Strang, L Strang, P Strang, D Strawbridge, M Street, A Struckman, D Struthers, W Struthers, J Styles, P Styles, B Suckling, F Sullivan, M Sullivan, T Summers, A Sutherland, S Sutherland, J Sutton, A Swan, I Swan, N Swan, N Swann, B Sweetman, T Sweetman, A Swindell, I Swindells, P Szczygiel.

T     M Tabukovu, A Tait, C Taito, D Talanoa, H Taleo, S Talivai, M Tamaki, L Tamati, V Tamati, J Tambisari, S Tamihere, S Tansley, A Tavassoli, H Tavola, S Tayler, A Taylor, B Taylor, C Taylor, E Taylor, G Taylor, G Taylor, J Taylor, J Taylor, K Taylor, N Taylor, N Taylor, P Taylor, S Taylor, V Te Huia, L Te Kowhai Ohia, M Teape, P Templeton, D Tennent, A Terry, N Thanawalla, F Thelford, B Thomas, F Thomas, F Thomas, L Thomas, L Thomas, L Thomas, M Thomas, M Thomas, O Thomas, P Thomas, A Thompson, C Thompson, H Thompson, J Thompson, J Thompson, J Thompson, J Thompson, J Thompson, N Thompson, R Thompson, R Thompson, S Thompson, T Thompson, R Thoms, A Thomson, D Thomson, J Thomson, J Thomson, K Thomson, A Thorburn, P Thornber, D Thorne, D Thorne-George, E Thorne-George, A Thornley, C Thornley, L Thornley, R Thornton, T Thorpe, S Thrupp, N Tihema, A Tikoca, C Tilby, J Tilby, J Timms, S Timpany, A Ting, H Tipene, J Tiszavari, A Tjia, H Tobias, C Todd, L Todd, P Todd, S Togher, A Torr, S Toland, K Tolley, C Tonkin, S Tonu'u, R Toonen, P Topp, A Torr, S Towns, G Townsend, P Townsend, J Tran Van, F Tranter, B Treanor, C Tremewan, M Trent, R Tretheway, G Trevarthen, P Trevor, J Trimble, J Tritt, R J Tristram, R Trott, P Trotter, S Trotter, G Troup, H Troup, R Tuhiwai, A Tu'i'onetoa, T Tuisuga, M Tukapua, M Tuki, J Tully, B Turnbull, C Turnbull, G Turnbull, A Turner, D Turner, E Turner, L Turner, M Turner, S Turner, S Turner, C Turton, P Tutty, C Twyford, C Tyler, S Tynan.

U     R Ulunga, M Underhill, T Underhill, S Underhill, T Underhill, A Ung, L Heng Ung, T Upperton, J Upritchard, J Upton, N Urquhart, T Usher, G Ussher, R Ussher, T Ussher.

V     B Val, R Vallance, R Valliere, E Van Baaren, H van Beek, G Van de Ven, T Van De Westerlo, A Van der Burg, M Van der Schaaf, J Van der Vliet, Y Van Dijk, F Van Doorn, S Van Gelder, C Van Gessel, H Van Gessel, M Van Gessel, L Van Gog, K Van Heerden, J Van Hees, D Van Hoof, J Van Leeuwen, B Van Peer, L Van Peer, J Van Riet, M Van Riet, J Van Sabben, G Varney, D Vaux, P Vaux, R Vella-King, A Veltman, V Venter, S Verrall, J Verry, G Vetter, J Vezey, K Viliamu-Hope, J Vincent, M Vincent, B Vincenzi, M Vink, F Visser, L Vitasovich, J Voon, C Vosper, D Vosper, M Vukona.

W     P Waddington, J Wadsworth, J Wagstaff, R Wait, R Wakefield, C Waldrom, J Waldvogel, F Walker, G Walker, N Walkinshaw, A Wall, D Wall, K Wallace, R Walle, M Wallis, M Wallis, S Wallis, C Walls Clark, J Walter, D Walters, M Wanden, J Wanless, B Wansbrough, J Wansbrough, B Ward, C Ward, P Ward, T Wardill, H Ware, J Wark, R Wark, A Warren, M Warwick, J Wastten, S Waterfall, R Waterreus, G Waters, G Waters, C Watson, J Watson, R Watson, R Watson, S Watson, G Watt, P Watt, J Watts, L Watts, L Waugh, M Way, A Weaver, P Webster, J Weggery, C Welch-Cropp, E Wellacott, W Antony Wellacott, P Wellington, C Wellnitz, D Wells, H Wells, T Wemyss, M Wenborn, L Wesley, J West, P West, S West, M Westenra, A Western, A Westmacott, G Wharehoka, R Whatmough, R Wheeler, J White, K White, M White, S White, B Whitehead, E Barrett-Whitehead, J Whitehead, S Whiteside, G Whittaker, S Whittaker, C Whittington, R Whittington, A Whyte, M Whyte, R Whyte, B Wickham, B Wickham, G Wickham, H Wickham, S Wild, L Wiles, D Wilkes, I Wilkins, L Wilkins, P Wilkins, B Wilkinson, J Wilkinson, M Wilkinson, T Wilkinson, A Williams, A Williams, A Williams, B Williams, C Williams, D Williams, J Williams, L Williams, M Wiliams, M Williams, P Williams, S Williams, S Williams, S Williams, C Williamson, C Williamson, E Willis, J Willis, P Willis, P Westwood Willis, R Willis, K Willoughby, A Wills, A Wilson, A Wilson, A Wilson, A Wilson, C Wilson, C Wilson, D Wilson, G Wilson, J Wilson, M Wilson, O Wilson, P Wilson, P Wilson, P Wilson, R Wilson, R Wilson, R Wilson, V Wilson, A Wilson-Staab, B Wilton, M Winmill, K Winsor, D Wiseman, J Wishart, N Withell, D Withers, E Withers, A Withy, R Witte, M Wolfsbauer, K Wong, A Wood, C Wood, J Wood, M Wood, M Wood, V Wood, E Woodcock, K Woodcock, J Woodroofe, P Woods, P Woods, S Woods, T Woods, J Woodward, N Wooff, W Wooff, I Wooster, M Wootton, W Wootton, P Wopereis, B Worboys, D Wren, E Wright, J Wright, N Wright, W Wright, M Wyatt, R Wyhorn, S Wyre.

Y    R Yap, J Yates, H Yen, G Yip, A Young, H Paterson Young, J Young, L Young, M Young, M Young, T Young.

Z    L Zhang, S Zielonka


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