We can work together to develop innovative volunteering opportunities which benefit all partners involved.

What we achieve through partnering:

  • With Downer's support, 35 classrooms were upgraded or built in 2016 in Solomon Islands.
  • With Save the Children’s support more than 100 women and 100 men in Udayapur, Nepal were trained in new agricultural practices.
  • With The Pacific Community’s (SPC) support the Vanuatu government now has more ownership of their geothermal features and can push for development in a sustainable manner.
What could be achieved by partnering?
  • Enhance the talent of your staff with innovative leadership challenges and professional development opportunities
  • Design innovative, bespoke programmes that will work for your team and organisations in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Enhance your reputation and as a responsible organisation in the wider Pacific
  • Gain valuable experience of working with Pacific communities 
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Simon Bloomberg and Michel Leodoro - Vanuatu Department of Geology, Mines and Water Resources and the Pacific Community (SPC).
Picture: Murray Lloyd


To find out what your company or organisation could achieve through partnering with VSA, please get in touch with our dedicated business development team here.