This policy provides a guide for anyone interacting with VSA online.

VSA will ensure that users of our online channels are aware of, and comply with, our online policy


This policy is for anyone interacting with VSA online, including employees, volunteers and other stakeholders. Our online channels are:; Facebook; Twitter; YouTube; LinkedIn; Pinterest; Instagram;


VSA encourages all members of our online community to engage with us via these sites. We want to encourage a fair and free exchange of views and information. By participating on this website and our social media channels they will be deemed to have agreed to the following terms of use:

  1. Be respectful of other users of this site.
  2. Stay on topic and do not upload content or post a comment that is unrelated to the purpose of this site.
  3. Do not use language that is offensive or inflammatory (this includes swearing and obscene comments).
  4. Do not break the law or encourage others to do so (this includes defamation, breaching privacy, breaching another person’s intellectual property rights such as copyright, condoning illegal activity and contempt of court).
  5. Do not post personal information (addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or other online contact details) relating either to yourself or others.
  6. Any material posted, including text and images, will abide by VSA’s Children & Vulnerable Adults Protection Code of Conduct policy, Children & Vulnerable Adults Protection Code of Conduct and Photo Guidelines, found on MyVSA.
  7. Do not make any commercial endorsement or promotion of any product, service or publication – this will be judged as spam and deleted.


Comments that do not adhere to these rules will be deleted without notice.


  • Our social media channels are likewise monitored during working hours and not all comments, posts or messages will be replied to outside of these hours.  
  • If you have a question, complaint or other issue relating to this policy, please contact us at with the subject line “Online policy.”