Immediately prior to VSA, I lived and worked in Cambodia, for two years, working and volunteering in community development and education roles. 

My work in NZ, prior to overseas, has always been in the community sector, including managing a youth counselling service and clinical supervisor for a sexual assault service. 

My passion is supporting the development of people and communities to become the best they can be. 

My education background includes an undergraduate degree in Educational Psychology and post-graduate qualifications in both NGO Management, and Clinical Supervision. 

I am the VSA Programme Manager for VSA’s programmes in Tonga, the Cook Islands and Niue. 

My role entails working with local partners to help them to identify the areas in which skilled New Zealanders could assist them, supporting the volunteers who arrive in country, and managing the projects we are involved in. 

Prior to Covid, I lived in the beautiful Kingdom of Tonga, and am continually amazed by the people, the beauty, and the lifestyle. 

It is important to me that any work I engage in aligns with my personal values and this is one of the reasons why I love working at VSA. I value the way that anything we do is in collaboration with local communities, and that we are not telling anyone what to do, but rather  working alongside in a mutual exchange of ideas and information, skills and knowledge. 

I love the Pacific and it is a privilege to live and work in. 

VSA Tina Mackie