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VSA’s work in the wider Pacific

VSA is New Zealand's largest and most experienced volunteering agency working in international development. Our Kiwi volunteers share skills with people in the wider Pacific to help them build a better future for themselves and their children.

The work we do is diverse and driven by the development needs of our in-country partners. These partner organisations range from regional and central government agencies to local or  national NGOs, education and health bodies and individual schools, colleges and health clinics.

Focus areas

 We currently work in eight countries within Melanesia, Polynesia or Timor-Leste with all our assignments fitting under one or more of six focus areas:

  • Building local business
  • Supporting strong communities
  • Safeguarding the environment
  • Fostering good governance
  • Education
  • Health

In addition to these, VSA considers issues related to gender equality, human rights and young people as central to all our work.


VSA has development programmes in Bougainville, the New Guinea Islands, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Melanesia is the largest region we currently work in.
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As part of a nation with a rich Polynesian history, we are uniquely placed to work in the Pacific. We currently have volunteers working in Samoa, Tonga and Kiribati.
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VSA has been working in Timor-Leste since 2002. We work with partners to bring skills and knowledge to individual citizens to improve their income and job opportunities.
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New Zealand Partnerships

New Zealand Partnerships

We work with New Zealand and Regional partners to enable more New Zealanders to volunteer either through employee schemes or by matching them with programmes covering a greater geographical location than our more traditional assignments.
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