Welcome to VSA for Schools. This is a digital resource for teachers and students of social sciences. It is focused on the Pacific and structured around the social inquiry model teachers are familiar with.

Each case study centres on a personal story that has social issues at heart. There are four personal, community-based stories about our neighbours in the Pacific. The stories demonstrate:

  • How a problem or combination of problems is impacting on people’s lives

  • Different values and perspectives

  • Examples of  solutions 


Each case study tries to consider some of the five phases of the social inquiry process:

  1.  Establishing the focus for learning

  2.  Finding out information

  3.  Exploring values and perspectives

  4.  Considering responses

  5.  Taking action


We intend to expand this resource with more stories about VSA volunteers in the Pacific. We welcome any feedback from teachers or students as to how we can improve or add value to this offering.

Please contact schools@vsa.org.nz