PRADET's four Programmes are delivered by local counsellors who have solid experience in psychosocial health, with a strong focus on responding to stress, trauma, grief, sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse and mental illness.  In addition, PRADET also provides information and training about advancement of human rights, particularly children's rights, child protection, conflict resolution, mediation and advocacy to improve clients' rights in the community.  Currently PRADET is the only organisation in East Timor providing information and training about the use and abuse of alcohol and the impact on the community.  

Fatin Hakmatek meaning “Quiet Place”, commenced in 2003 and provides safety, care and treatment for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, abandonment and human trafficking.  include safety, counselling, medical treatment, medical forensic examination and documentation, maximum 3 days emergency accommodation, basic needs such as transport, food and clothes and referral to other relevant services such as police (PNTL VPU), hospital/clinic for medical treatment of serious injuries, longer term safe accommodation such as safe house/refuges (Fokupers and Casa Vida), child protection officers (MSS OPL), legal advice and assistance (ALFeLa), and other relevant services. Staff also provide follow-up medical treatment and home visits. There is a 24 hour telephone number.

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