IADE is an autonomous institution that reports to the Minister of State for Co-ordination of Economic Affairs. It is the principal business development services provider in Timor-Leste.

IADE currently has eleven Business Development Centres (CDE’s – Centro Desenvolvimento Empresarial) in Dili, Baucau, Liquica, Bobonaro, Ainaro, Lautem, Viqueque, Covalima, Ermera, Aileu and Manatuto operating under its organisational structure.  

IADE’s main functions are as follows:

Mission: To promote, train and support entrepreneurs.

As such, IADE promotes the professionalism of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises based on the principles of quality and sustainability.


  • To promote business creation
  • To provide potential and existing entrepreneurs as well as cooperatives and contractors with market and need-oriented business development services
  • To facilitate access to financial services to existing entrepreneurs and contractors
  • To create and maintain a business information network at local and national levels
  • To promote the creation of entrepreneurs’ representations
  • To assist other public and/or private institutions as well as international development partners to harmonise private sector development in Timor-Leste
  • To support the implementation of specific income generation activities and cooperatives
  • To promote legal and administrative changes to stimulate the development of a conducive business environment
  • To encourage partnerships between entrepreneurs’ organisations and the Government, strengthening the public-private dialogue.


  • Conduct training for entrepreneurs in business management
  • Provide counselling services to entrepreneurs to start up or improve businesses
  • Disseminate relevant business information to urban and rural entrepreneurs (including on public tenders)
  • Provide business match-making services
  • Organise trade fairs to promote local products and services
  • Conduct market surveys (including value chain research) for products and services
  • Coordinate value chain up-grading activities
  • Organise business competitions for innovative business ideas and products/services
  • Organise public private dialogue on topics relevant to entrepreneurs
  • Support entrepreneurs in marketing innovative products or services

A ‘Commercialization Strategy’ is to be finalised by mid-March 2015. The strategy aims to increase IADE’s visibility, and make IADE’s services more available. At the same time, fee-based services are to be introduced to increase IADE’s sustainability. A volunteer is required to support and guide IADE staff to implement the commercialization strategy.


For more info visit http://iade.gov.tl/?lang=en