The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Timor-Leste (CCI-TL) is an umbrella organisation representing business associations in Timor-Leste. CCI-TL was established in April 2010, following a National Congress held in Dili. The objective of CCI-TL is to represent the needs of its members in policy advocacy and to deliver a range of business services to enhance the skills, knowledge and performance of the businesses it represents to achieve private sector growth.

CCI-TL is led by the President and seven vice-presidents.  The CCI-TL Secretariat is managed by a CEO, with a Finance Officer, Administration Officer, Assistant to CEO responsible for membership activity, and four other staff.  Further, CCI has officials in each of the 12 municipalities, each of which includes a President and Vice-Presidents.

CCI-TL has a national office based in Dili.  Each of the 13 municipals of Timor-Leste have local Chamber of Commerce offices collectively known as CCI (Municipals) and while they are semi-autonomous from the national office, they are substantively less developed than the national office and are reliant on the national office for support.

The CCI-TL aims to be a strategic partner for economic growth to the government as well as a trusted third party for businesses. With the strengthening of a functional chamber of commerce and industry, the private sector will have a united voice representing their business needs and aspirations for the years to come.

Most importantly, the CCI-TL will eventually develop and deliver a range of tailored business services and solutions to assist with private sector growth. This will include the implementation of self-regulatory instruments and processes to assist with the classification of businesses resulting in a strong, viable and competitive private sector.

Through these initiatives, the business community will be able to increase its efficiency and productivity leading to new trade, business and investment opportunities and reduced private sector dependency on public sector spending to sustain its business growth. With the implementation of a number of initiatives targeting business growth, CCI-TL will gradually become a sustainable organisation representing the interests of Timor-Leste businesses and also a strategic partner for national development with a key role in Timor-Leste’s economic growth.