Maluk Timor is a Dili-based NGO that is transforming health care in Timor-Leste’s community health centres and outreach so that people get excellent quality care, when and where they need it. It is funded and supported by Maluk Timor Australia, a registered Australian charity. Maluk Timor operates an office employing more than fifty staff, most of whom are involved in computer-based activity. There are significant demands upon printing and internet, as well as data analysis, storage of confidential patient information, and the need for document sharing. At the present time Maluk Timor face many difficulties meeting these needs, and it results in significant loss of performance and output.

Maluk Timor works inside government-run health centres, alongside Timorese health workers, and in close partnership with the Timorese Ministry of Health (MOH). Our goal is to empower health workers and the MOH to build a strong primary health care system that can tackle Timor’s greatest health challenges in an effective and sustainable way.

Although we have many different health programs, they are united around this common cause: advancing the quality of health care, together.

We know that great quality primary health care, led by Timorese people, will help to put an end to preventable death and disease, promote lifelong wellbeing and earn the trust of the people of Timor-Leste, especially women and their children.

We work together with Timorese people on programs to:

  • Prevent and treat some of Timor’s biggest killers – rheumatic heart disease, childhood malnutrition, complications in pregnancy and childbirth, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases
  • Address insidious, under-recognised health threats – HIV, dental disease and gender-based violence and discrimination
  • Target critical health workforce gaps – train, support and empower doctors, nurses and community workers to give great quality care, and mentor our staff to be health leaders

Our Timorese staff are at the centre of this work because they are the future leaders in Timorese health. By nurturing them, we will have an enduring impact on the health system and future generations.

With 46 locally-engaged staff and twelve international volunteers, Maluk Timor is a vibrant and exciting workplace attempting to make a difference to the future of Timorese health.

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