Young Entrepreneurs Council Solomon Islands (YECSI) is a young organisation having only been launched on 12 October 2018. Its launch was hugely successful, resulting in both government and private sector stakeholders having high confidence and high expectations of YECSI. It is, therefore, critical that YECSI achieves its strategic goals. YECSI is in fact an important priority within the Solomon Islands Government National Youth Policy focusing on the economic empowerment of young people through entrepreneurship.

Currently the YECSI secretariat consists of only the Coordinator, who is tasked with achieving the key goals of the organisation as well as establishing its underpinning systems. There are plans to also recruit a Media and Communications Officer in 2019.

The assistance of a VSA volunteer would support the Coordinator to deliver on the key strategic goals of the organisation and ensure robust systems are in place as a strong foundation for further YECSI’s development.

Partner organisation

YECSI is an organisation created under an innovative arrangement or public-private partnership between the Solomon Islands Government and the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI). The main purpose of YECSI is to represent the young entrepreneurs of the Solomon Islands and advocate for an improved business environment that allows young entrepreneurs to succeed thereby creating jobs and investment in the nation.

YECSI has clear objectives outlined in its Constitution which make up the founding pillars or goals of YECSI:

1. Advocacy: YECSI has a collaborative relationship with the Solomon Islands Government and through this platform will advocate for an improved business environment. An advisory committee for YECSI comprises various government agencies.

2. Support Services: YECSI will equip young entrepreneurs with the internal and external skills to build market-leading businesses and play a key role in driving Solomon Islands future growth and prosperity. YECSI will facilitate trainings and workshops aimed at strengthening and building entrepreneurs capacity through engaging the relevant experts. For example: Mentoring, coaching, networking, branding, customer segmenting and business training (business plan, vision, book keeping) See more about YECSI on Facebook.