The Malaita Provincial Government is mandated under the Solomon Islands Provincial Government Act 1997 and is to work with the Solomon Islands National Government to:

  • Ensure that socio-economic needs, current and future aspirations, socio-cultural and environmental concerns, social justice and opportunities of the people of Malaita Province are given the best attention by having the government closer to the people
  • Provide service delivery to the population of the province
  • Enhance the quality of life of the people of Malaita by continuing to improve and sustain service delivery.

The provincial government consists of a Provincial Assembly and the Provincial Executive headed by the Premier.

The head of administration is the Provincial Secretary who is the accountable officer for all divisions within the Provincial Government.  All divisions within the Provincial Government are specifically responsible for certain sectors e.g. health, education, fisheries, forestry, finance, tourism etc.

Over 200 staff work for the MPG and it has previously hosted volunteers under the Australian and Japanese volunteer programmes.