TTI is a Free Wesleyan Church-owned institution built on fundamental Christian principles which focus on the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of an individual. 

Tupou High School, established in 1963, allowed students in Tonga to access overseas qualifications locally in the form of the Victorian State Intermediate, Leaving and Matriculation Certificates. In 1994, a vision of higher education was initiated by the ex-students association of the High School. After a series of fundraising activities by the association, the Tupou Business and Computer Education Centre project was initiated, which was the seed for the establishment of Tupou Tertiary Institute. The opening of the Centre in May 1999, was celebrated together with the official launching of a Joint Venture Agreement for a working relationship between Tupou High School and the Whitireia Community Polytechnic of Porirua, Wellington (New Zealand).

This Joint Venture Agreement made the delivery of New Zealand accredited programmes at Tupou High School possible via the extension of Whitireia’s NZQA accreditation. The first of these programmes was the New Zealand Diploma in Business, which began in February 1999 with a cohort of 20 students. More programmes were added in later years, and as the project gathered momentum it began to have an impact on higher education in Tonga. The increasing interest expressed by the public and students in the growing number of courses that were available was a clear indication of the need for a post-secondary institution. This led to the inauguration of the name Tupou Tertiary Institute conferred in 2004 by the late King, Taufa’ahau Tupou IV. By 2008, the high school programmes were separated from the newly introduced tertiary programmes and TTI established itself at the old Tupou High School Campus at Kolofo’ou.

The TTI corporate Plan 2016 – 2020 continues to focus on developing the Institution to become one of the leading providers of tertiary education in Tonga (TTI is one of approximately ten government or independently owned tertiary institutions  in Tonga). The plan focuses on developing a stronger and stable platform for TTI to ensure long lasting success to achieve high quality academic programmes and services. It also aims to strengthen TTI’s strategic response to the growing demand for technical and vocational training and post-secondary education in Tonga by providing a more realistic roadmap for meeting its goals.

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