The Nishi Foundation was set up as a not-for-profit entity by the Managing Director of Nishi Trading. The aim of the Nishi Foundation is to help the development of sustainable food and farming systems through skills development, modelling of horticultural best practice and promotion of the local agriculture sector as a source of economic, physical and spiritual prosperity for the future of Tonga. The intention is that these skills and knowledge are passed on and Tonga’s arable land is utilised for sustainable horticulture for generations of Tongans.

The Foundation was initially to promote health and nutrition among children but is now expanding to include Tongan farmers and tertiary students and hopes to promote and develop Tongan agriculture by:

  • Supporting farmers to grow, build the economy and improve quality of life for their families and communities
  • Promote healthy eating and a diverse diet that includes locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Promoting agriculture as a career, encourage entrepreneurship and supporting farmers and students in the economics and management of their business
  • Educating and training farmers and students in new and sustainable farming methods
  • Providing demonstration plots to test new crops for suitability for the local environment
  • Supplementing but not replacing locally grown food, forage and fibre crops
  • Promoting an economy of scale to provide a wide variety of product choices and economic opportunities
  • Encouraging and educating farmers and communities on sustainable land use and promote community food security and economic development
  • Proclaiming the need for a local culture that respects the earth and all of its diversity of life and which recognises the physical, social and spiritual connection between the land, the people and their culture.