VSA Friendship Bracelets

Each August people across New Zealand buy colourful hand-woven friendship bracelets to support the work of VSA volunteers in developing countries.

In 2014 our bracelets can be purchased at any Body Shop store across New Zealand, from August 4–11 for $3 each.


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Why support VSA Friendship Bracelets?


Samoa Victim Support Group (SVSG), established in 2005, provides care and support for victims of abuse. SVSG needed to find a programme that would help the girls recover. Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) was there to help.


“She would watch from the side-lines – too scared to participate. Now, she’s one of the most eager and confident.” VSA Volunteer Sarah Gwynn mentored the girls through a partnership with SVSG and Samoa International Cricket Association (SICA). Their joint Bring Back the Smiles clinics supported the girls by building self-esteem and giving them a sense of pride and achievement.


SICA also improved their reporting and accounting, enabling more vulnerable people to be reached and supported in re-building their lives and developing healthy lifestyles.


By purchasing a VSA Friendship Bracelet you are supporting VSA to continue to help people and their families by working in areas like family health and support services in places where it is really needed.





Our thanks to The Body Shop for their support!