VSA Friendship Bracelets

Each August people across New Zealand buy colourful hand-woven friendship bracelets to support the work of VSA volunteers in developing countries.

Help young people have a place to go where they feel safe.


Sir Ed Hillary with a speech bubble saying "If we work together we can achieve great things"

There aren’t enough jobs for young people in Honiara. With little money, many drift and become disillusioned. Some make friends with the wrong kind of people and get into situations they had never intended.

VSA Univol Emily Steel and our partner organisation Honiara City Council helped to create a safe place that they have called The Youth Hub.

There is a place where young people can be safe and learn.

The Youth Hub gives youth opportunities many have never had before. They learn how to apply for scholarships and participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. They have access to computers and a library. They play the guitar together, create art, and make friends while they play sport. With a kitchen, they cater for events.

Finding they are valued, these young people have become more involved in their community. They have joined a programme to end violence in families and spread the word about the need to “Break the Silence. End the Violence.” Now they are standing up for people in their community, and lending a voice to those who are as vulnerable as they once were.

By buying a VSA Friendship Bracelet, you're helping to make sure great youth projects like this can keep on running.


Emily with three friends

VSA volunteer Emily Steel on assignment working with young people in the Solomon Islands.