Leave a bequest

Leaving a bequest to VSA ensures that a more hopeful future exists for communities striving for a positive change.

When the time is right and after you have provided for your family and friends we hope you will consider including VSA in your will.

To ensure that your will is legally valid, and that your wishes can be carried out in full, it is recommended that you have your lawyer draw up this document. It is most effective if bequests are left for the general purposes of VSA. and we suggest wording along the following lines:

I give to the VSA Foundation ......% of my estate or the sum of $..... or properties or assets for its general purposes. I declare the receipt of the VSA Foundation shall be the full and sufficient discharge to my trustee.

Contact us if you would like to speak with a VSA staff member about leaving a bequest.

We would love to hear from you if you decide to make provision for a bequest to VSA in your will.

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