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VSA Connect Profile PicVSAConnect is VSA's Alumni Association for its returned volunteers and their accompanying partners. It aims to be an active and vibrant alumni community where members can contribute towards building a groundswell of support for VSA across New Zealand. Membership is free.

VSAConnect’s online platform allow returned volunteers and accompanying partners to

  • stay in touch with VSA
  • reconnect with returned volunteers and find out what they have been doing since returning to New Zealand
  • obtain up to date development news and information
  • share and comment on topics of interest  
  • share photos and stories
  • learn about upcoming events
  • participate in development-focused advocacy campaigns

To access the online platform which is part of this website, simply click the VSAConnect button at the top right hand corner of any VSA website page and then click register. Once you've submitted your registration, it will be verified by our VSAConnect Coordinator. We'll send you an email to let you know and then you'll be able to access the VSAConnect pages and stay in touch with your fellow returned volunteers simply by logging in via the VSAConnect button on the home page.


Registration process


Go to this page OR hover your mouse over the the VSAConnect tab on the bar at the top of any VSA website page and click Register — this takes you to the Register/Login page.

CaptchaComplete your registration by filling in all fields, inserting the “Captcha” security code and clicking the submit button at the bottom. (If you can’t read the captcha field or want more instructions, click the red “refresh” icon or the question mark icon beside the captcha field.”)

Members can have the same email address as another member (eg a husband and wife who are both Returned Volunteers, or a Returned Volunteer and accompanying partner, who share the same email address). Your profiles will be differentiated by your first names and passwords.

The VSAConnect Administrator checks that each applicant meets the membership criteria of VSAConnect, then confirms the membership. The member will receive an email which will request that they confirm their email address by clicking a link. The member is not able to log in until they receive this confirmation email.

A second email will then be sent informing the member that their account is confirmed. This will also contain a link straight to the VSAConnect homepage.


Logging in


Log in by clicking VSAConnect in the top bar of any VSA website page. Enter your email, first name and password in the box and click “login”.

Top bar


Once you have logged in, you should be automatically redirected to the VSAConnect Home page. If this does not happen, click the “VSAConnect” button on the bar at top right, or use the drop-down menu that appears when you hover your mouse over your name in the top left corner of the page.




VSAConnect members are also connected by a bimonthly enewsletter - E-nius. Other activities being developed for members include speaking opportunities for returning volunteers, local get-togethers, connecting with fellow volunteers and sharing development knowledge.

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Enjoy your VSAConnect experience!


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