VSA Project Friendship slogans pouring in

Published on 6th September 2010

Hundreds of entries for the Project Friendship slogan-writing competition have now arrived in our inbox – and there’s another month to go before the competition to win an iPod Touch closes.


The winning slogan will be used to help promote next year’s Project Friendship. It must capture the essence of VSA Project Friendship, be six words or fewer, and be attention grabbing and educational.


The slogan-writing competition is one of several activities associated with VSA Project Friendship. The main event was held during the week of August 9–15, during which more than 200 schools and Girl Guide units sold the colourful, hand-woven friendship bracelets. 


But Project Friendship hasn’t finished yet. As well as the slogan-writing competition, which closes on October 1, Pippins and Brownies are taking part in VSA’s Friendship Photo Exchange. The exchange is part of the Hand of Friendship badge. It involves making a collage of photos illustrating the concept of friendship.


The collages will be sent to children at the Rift Valley Children’s Village in Tanzania. In exchange the Pippins and Brownies will get a collage of photos of children at the village (pictured). VSA volunteer Catherine Van Gessel is working as an athletic programme adviser at the Children’s Village.


Project Friendship coordinator Elisha Connell says it’s exciting seeing the collages arriving.


“There are some great photos – and the photos from Tanzania are really lovely too.”


  • Elisha Connell on 11th October

    Hi Sarah Entries for the slogan writing competition didn't require a photo, just your creative thinking and inspiration. The competition closed on 1 October and the winner will be notified by 31 October 2010. Thanks for your comments.

  • Sarah Williams on 7th October

    did we have to send a photo along with it? by the way isnt the draw already finished? when will the results be displayed?

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